Enoteca Cava Turacciolo, which has now become a meeting point for wine lovers, welcomes new people every day, tourists, travelers from all over the world, lovers of the simple pleasures of a life, that is now too hectic. Encounters are always curious and unexpected, and the informal setting makes a dinner pleasant. A real culinary experience, or a simple glass of wine can become a reason for conversation with the neighbor from the other side of the planet.


The search for products, wine, olive oil, cured meats, cheeses, how many experiences, how many faces never forgotten that remain etched in our memory and that we relive with every sip of that wine or the scent of that special pecorino found and never forgotten.

Here we compare experiences, exchange travel tips or new enoculinary destinations where each of us can experience the pleasure of discovering how beautiful it is to travel even while sitting in front of a good glass of wine, a plate of cold cuts and cheeses and a friend, new or old.

The hams

Always looking for high quality products, our Mario personally selects the cured meats that will be part of the Cava Turacciolo offer

Our Travel

Wine area located north east of Lake Como offers sensational views and a centuries-old food and wine culture.

Always a protagonist and capable of great products, this region offers all the pleasures of a cuisine that ranges between sea and mountains.

A wonderful island that preserves authentic flavors, such as its native vines that from Carignano to Cannonau and from Vermentino to white Nuragus transmit all the aromas and flavors typical of the Mediterranean.

On the shores of Lake Iseo with small hills that are so reminiscent of the vineyards in Champagne, Franciacorta produces the most famous bubbles in Italy and here Bellavista represents one of the highest qualitative realities. Cava Turacciolo could not miss the tasting of the new vintages.

Land of hills and fog where the Nebbiolo grape, backed by Barbera, opens the way to a range of grape varieties and traditional dishes with sincere flavors.

Wedged between the mountains of the Dolomites, this enchanting valley provides an ideal microclimate for the various forms of vines in this region.